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CONNECT 2018 & Radically Rural: A Dynamic Gathering for Thriving Small Communities

Showcasing the Monadnock Region’s local foods, arts, and entertainment, this 12th annual CONNECT event is the perfect place to CONNECT Radically Rural ideas and people. 

Thursday, September 27th 5 pm – 9 pm

The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship and The Keene Sentinel— thriving, independent, rural-based organizations — are partnering to present Radically Rural. The Radically Rural Summit builds upon the impressive success of their fall CONNECT Event, an annual gathering of over 500 engaged, locally-focused community members celebrating and fostering the advantages and opportunities of rural living, this year featuring 14 local artists in a sculpture gallery curated by Machina Arts.

A dynamic gathering for thriving small communities

September 27-28, 2018  |  Keene, New Hampshire

Learn. Network. Share. Explore. Enjoy.

Radically Rural is an annual two-day summit that will bring together 500 people who are passionate about creating vibrant, robust rural communities and are eager to learn, connect and lead the charge.


Keynote Speakers, Five Radically Rural Tracks to Explore & an event that helps you CONNECT the dots

Broad shifts in demographics, communications, technology, economic development and personal values are generating creative responses from innovative thinkers, change-makers, entrepreneurs and community-builders who love their communities and know their advantage.  Come and learn about what they are doing.  Radically Rural will feature three programs per track over the course of two days as well as a keynote opening and close and our popular CONNECT event Thursday night.

Five program tracks feature topics that offer strategic opportunities for transformation in rural communities:

  • Arts and CultureSustaining the arts in rural communities; entrepreneurship and the arts; and the social service and community benefits of a thriving rural arts community.
  • Entrepreneurship. The benefits of co-working spaces; meet successful business builders who were told their idea would “never work;” and attend a pitch competition for local angel funders (and learn how to host your own).
  • Journalism. Building a base for strong local news reporting in rural areas; dealing with fake news in rural communities; and “building your own print and digital newspaper” — an interactive session where you’re the editor!
  • Working Lands. Radical new approaches to building your local food scene; connecting people to the land using conservation psychology; and building long-term sustainability for local food sources.
  • Main Street. Build a vibrant retail presence on Main Street; learn how strong Main Streets create strong communities; and staging successful community events in rural downtowns.

Jump the Tracks!  Attendees are free to register for programs from any of the tracks